There are parts of our walk with Christ that should never be reduced to a list of goals and accompli

IT IS SO easy to assume that something like the baptism in the Holy Spirit is primarily to make us more useful in ministry. That makes us top heavy in the sense that we become professionals in areas of life that were really reserved for romantics.

The moment we reduce God to a list of goals, principles, and ministry accomplishments, we have stepped outside the boundaries that position us to experience more. It is stunning to consider that there are actually “boundaries” that keep us positioned to experience an increase of His Presence in our lives. Boundaries and increase don’t tend to go together. It almost sounds contradictory, but the paradigm works in the Kingdom. These boundary lines are hunger and humility. They are love and intimacy, commodities that cannot be measured by external ministry successes or accomplishments. Such boundary lines are matters of the heart. Either we burn with Him, or we do not.

To try and reduce God in any way is a dangerous road for us to travel. The reasoning is simple. When we “reduce” God, we are doing absolutely nothing to God Himself. We are ultimately doing ourselves the most significant disservice. How we see Him shapes every aspect of our lives. Let’s behold Him as He is. It is not through formula that we step into our purpose; it is through intimacy, “because as He is, so are we in this world” (1 John 4: 17).


1 JOHN 4: 17


Holy Spirit, fill me afresh so that I can give a greater picture of Jesus to the world through my life. Help me to show people what Jesus truly looks like so they get an accurate representation of Who the Father really is.

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