While it is one of my highest privileges to serve Him completely, my labor is the byproduct of my lo

THIS UNIMAGINABLE PRIVILEGE of carrying God’s Presence should never reduce me to a laborer for God. The decision of being a servant or a friend is still being made by people around us every day. Friendship does not cancel our service; it brings substance to it. We serve from relationship, not for it. We are not trying to work into God’s good graces. Grace has positioned us to labor out of desire, not duty. We are willing to do anything for Him because He is our one desire. There is always a because to our service. He is God Almighty. His sheer identity demands unquestionable obedience and lifelong service, no question. Yet, the Holy One made it possible to actually invite you and me into the process of being servants who are also friends. We serve and we enjoy closeness with the One we are serving. The Lord wants us to have a vision for what we are doing when we say “Yes” to Him. He is eternally worthy of our submission regardless of whether or not He gives us an explanation. Yet, Jesus clarified, “I have called you friends, for all things that I heard from My Father I have made known to you” (John 15: 15). Mike Bickle has been quoted, saying, “Lovers will always outwork the workers.” This is absolutely true. Closeness with the One Who has invited us into deep friendship is what produces a desire to co-labor with Him. We say “Yes” to serve Him and to receive revelation of how the Father wants to use our service.


JOHN 15: 15


Holy Spirit, You have brought me into divine friendship with God. Help me to live as both a servant and a friend. I hear what the Father is saying, I feel what He is feeling, and I say “Yes” to whatever He asks me to do.

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