In the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is the revelation of the face of God.

THE HEART OF God is clearly seen in this amazing prophecy from Ezekiel. “I will not hide my face from them anymore; for I shall have poured out my Spirit” (Ezek. 39: 29). There is nothing greater than beholding His face. “In the light of the king’s face is life, and his favor is like a cloud of the latter rain” (Prov. 16: 15). Rain is a biblical metaphor for the move of the Holy Spirit, thus the term outpouring. This verse also links God’s face, His favor, with the outpouring of His Spirit. The Spirit demonstrates to reveal. He moves in power to show us a Person.


EZEKIEL 39: 29


Holy Spirit, show me the Father’s face in every outpouring and revival. He is my pursuit. I praise You for the great manifestations, signs, and wonders that revival brings. I am thankful for the freedom and deliverance that Your power releases. In all of it, keep my eyes looking for the Father. Help me to grow in my knowledge and understanding of Your ways, Lord, as I study Your works in the Spirit’s outpouring.

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