Where we go in revival, we can’t go past His face.

THE ONLY DIRECTION to go is to cry out for a greater measure of His Presence in the outpouring. Psalm 80 continuously links the favor of His face with the work of His hand. It is easy to become distracted with the wonderful demonstrations of power and manifestations. If we are not careful, signs and wonders can even become the end-all of revival. These things are truly our treasure and delight, not as an end in themselves, but because they all release greater glimpses of the Father’s face and His divine nature. Israel witnessed incredible miracles, but the people’s hearts remained hard. They watched time and time again as God met their needs in supernatural ways. Breakthrough did not guarantee their devotion to God. Likewise, miracles do not automatically produce intimacy with the Father; they are invitational in nature. This is why hosting God’s Presence is of the utmost importance. He desires to move in our midst; the key is, will we steward His move accordingly?

We cannot go on claiming that the move of God was ineffective because of how the people responded. Truly, we must reorient our minds to properly accommodate the Spirit’s outpouring in our midst. What man does with God’s divine invitation is his privilege and responsibility.

Let’s continually be looking for His face in every miracle, every sign, and every wonder. God’s outpouring is nothing short of His unveiling. He is faithful to show us Who He is through how He works!


PSALM 67: 1-2


Holy Spirit, cause the Father’s face to shine upon me and reveal Who You are to the nations. This starts with me— in my life, in my family, among my friends, in my circle of influence. As You shine Your face upon me, help me to make Your ways clearly known.

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