Although God used Brother Riggs in countless miracles, he chose to share only one last story.

Two people, a husband and wife, came down in wheelchairs, pushed by their teenage children. They were both very sick and had either pneumonia or really bad colds. Brother Ralph went over to them and asked, “Did you come down here tonight believing God is actually going to heal you?” The husband said, “Yes.” Riggs began to pray for them, but he stopped suddenly as he remembered the “Carney Rule.” He said to himself, “Sister Carney won’t let me do that,” and put up the footrests before finishing his prayer. The stage was now set for God to work a miracle. Riggs got between the couple, placed his hands on their foreheads, and prayed, commanding them to be healed in the Name of Jesus. They both had had terrible fevers and the first thing Riggs noticed was that their temperatures had gone down. Within moments, the woman began to shake and shortly she was up and running. The man just stood up, raised his hands and screamed in a very loud voice, “Thank you, God; Thank you, God.” God had healed them instantly. Most of the time the Shekinah Glory was spoken of with reverence, but there was one time that Brother Riggs shared revealing a lighter side. He told me that when Seymour would get down there, the Shekinah Glory would get so thick that you could hardly see the ground. With a smile, he confessed that there were times when it was so thick that he and Ward would get in the back of the room and play hide-and-go-seek in the mist. Since they were just young teenagers when at Azusa, I asked him if he ever tried to put Seymour’s box on his head. He said with great reverence, “Nobody touched Seymour’s box even when he wasn’t down there. It was sacred.” I asked him to seriously talk to me about the Shekinah Glory. Brother Riggs explained the experience much like his mother. “I tasted a bit of heaven. Ward and I would talk and share that Azusa must have been what Heaven is like. God must have sent some part of heaven down here.” Mother Riggs and her son were a joy to talk to and to learn even more about the Azusa Revival. I met Ralph Riggs when he was in his seventies after God had used him mightily to advance His Kingdom. After talking with Brother Riggs, my mind would wander back to his days at Azusa. I could see him running around full of life as he and other teenagers and young people were involved in the awesome outpouring of God. Instead of waiting until he was older to begin his ministry, by the time he reached adulthood, he had already been used of God in a way that most adults—especially in their twilight years—only dream about

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