Real Kingdoms, Real Ministries

As I traveled through Europe recently, I was shocked by the lack of borders between the members of the European Union. I couldn’t help but remember my experience as a teenager living in Belgium. Every time I went to another country to play hockey or see the historic sites, I encountered checkpoints and border patrols.

Now they don’t exist. This is the wave of the future— the borders between nations are coming down. The real kingdoms that influence the whole earth are, in fact, borderless. Take, for example, the internet and TV. Those two mediums are causing widespread social upheavals in countries like India and China. Media is able to cross over prohibited borders (like China), or social borders (like India), with a continual barrage of ideas that are in direct conflict with their country's ideology. Technology is changing in the world.

In Revelation 11: 15, the voice from heaven exclaimed, “The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!” The kingdoms mentioned here are no longer referring to countries with kings, but with power centers that can change the course of history. Can you imagine every kingdom being dominated by Kingdom principles, laws and presence? Can you see God’s incredible strategy? As the kingdoms gain more power, borders become more irrelevant. Those who occupy the power thrones will change the world.

Our services and ministry orientation have changed considerably since this revelation. As someone who carries an apostolic and pastoral mantle, I've encouraged, preached to, and taught men, women, teens and children to discover their God-given passion for science, music, the arts, business, drama, media, education, journalism, counseling, sports, law or whatever lights their fire. God designed you to influence a kingdom within your city. Banking needs godly influencers; real-estate needs righteous men and women. Every industry needs Spirit-filled, anointed leaders to help create jobs, improve working conditions and impact society in a positive way. What lights your fire? Real ministry is not just from the pulpits of our churches. Real ministry should be happening in every boardroom, classroom, stadium, university and capital building.

Each one of us carries a heavenly assignment. We've been wired by God to accomplish the mission of transforming the kingdoms of this world. We aren’t called to leave society, but to be the light within a dark society. How can we be a light if we remove ourselves from all “secular” enterprise? Who made them secular? Who placed that category on all that is not in the four walls of our churches? As you discover your passion, you'll also get to know the gifts and talents that are dormant within you.

You've been set up by God to be significant. God wants to reign over every area of influence and power, and He wants to do it through you.

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