Fries and the Roar

I learned early in my childhood that God speaks to people. I grew up in church and had an amazing pastor who seemed to talk with God all the time. Sometimes, right in the middle of a really great point in his sermon, he would stop. He would look up to the left and say, “Yes, God. I hear you. All right, God. I’ll do that.” I never knew what my pastor was hearing, how God could speak so clearly to him, or why God was always up and to the left.

When I was fifteen, I got my first job at a Chick-Fil-A in a mall. My boss told me that my job was to make the French fries. Easy enough, I thought. Then my boss added, “It’s the hardest job here, and you better not mess it up.”

He went on to explain that the French fries have a shelf life of two and a half minutes. If they aren’t served within that time, they are dead and have to be thrown out. This is complicated by the fact that people also don’t like to wait for their food, and if the customers aren’t happy, the boss isn’t happy. I didn’t want people waiting for their food, nor did I want to be responsible for the death of three-minute-old fries!

I hoped to do the job right, but I also had no idea how to time the fry cooking. Then I thought about my pastor. God spoke to him while he worked. Maybe God would speak to me while I worked too. So I prayed and asked God to speak to me about the fries.

A little while later, I had this impression that I should start making some fries. I looked around and didn’t see any customers, nor was anyone near the food court. The longer I stood looking at absolutely no one, the stronger the impression came that I really needed to start up some fries. I didn’t know if that was God speaking to me or not, but I went with it and loaded up the fryer. Two and a half minutes later, just after I pulled the large batch of fries out of the oil and salted them, a crowd hit the restaurant. There was a fry rush that lasted over two hours!

When my boss saw that crowd coming, he was shocked that I was ready with the fries. Not only that, but I kept up with the crowd all day long. After my shift was over, my boss declared, “We’re going to make you the fry master! You’re the best fry maker we’ve ever had!” And then he gave me a raise.

Jesus never wanted to become uninvolved in our lives. Sin damaged our relationship with God, but it was always His intention that we walk in communion with Him. That’s why He came to earth and died for us, to restore us back into communion with Him.

God wants to be intimately involved in every area of our lives. He has things to speak and potentials to be released through fellowship with us. He wants to talk to us about what is important to us, even about French fries! As we commune with God and meditate on what He says, His words have meaning. They will bring about His purposes. Joshua 1: 8 (NIV) states,

Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.

He wants to be involved in our lives. He is the greatest teacher, mentor, creator, and communicator. Why would we not want Him to speak to us? He has great ideas! His deep is calling out to our deep in a roar.

He calls out in our most vulnerable moments like David in Psalm 42, but He also calls out in situations we usually leave Him out of, like making French fries.

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