Become and Release


The earth is still filled with chaos, lack, and darkness. But we also have raging areas of disorder in our own lives as well. We remain in a tension of being saved but also needing to be saved. When we hear God’s voice, it releases His creative power to move us off the path of darkness and into our destiny. He calls us “son,” and we become what God says we are. God wants you to first become and then release His Word into the environment around you to change it.

One of my online Future Coaching students recently shared a testimony with me. God had been doing some amazing things in her, teaching her and stretching her into new things prophetically. She wanted to grow in prophetic gifting, so she chose to exercise hearing God’s heart for others as she went about her day.

She was window-shopping at a boutique when she sensed God saying to her that the store wasn’t named correctly. She wasn’t sure what to do about that, but she asked God how she could help this business become what God saw it being. She walked around the store asking God what His purposes were for the store. She decided to strike up a conversation with the owner, and she expressed encouragement and care as they had easy dialogue about the business and products in the store.

Prophecy isn’t as complicated as people can make it out to be. It’s simply encouragement, comfort, and edification from the Holy Spirit. This lady was building a bridge of encouragement that made it easy to share what God had to say about the business.

Eventually the student asked, “Have you ever thought about changing the name of your store?”

“Actually,” the owner replied, “I was considering that earlier this week. Sales have been down lately, and the name was one of the things I was thinking about changing.” They started talking more about what a name change might be, and the owner became excited at the prospect of what a new name might do for the business. She was so encouraged by the conversation that the two ladies brainstormed a new name and even developed a logo that incorporated the owner’s favorite colors.

The businesswoman was encouraged by the interaction, and she had hope once again that her business could flourish. God’s voice transformed the business, and the businesswoman may have never even known it was a prophetic word from God. There was no churchy language or “Thus saith the Lord.” No one played a worship song or said a long prayer. Rather, it was just two women talking together, but one of them had a secret. She was speaking God’s words.

Those words were bringing order to chaos, resources to emptiness, and light to darkness.

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