History Speaks

History testifies against those without this hope for transformation, as the transformation of cities and nations has been done before. It happened in both the Old and New Testaments. We must give ourselves to “keep the testimony” (see Deuteronomy 6: 17) of transformation and position ourselves for the same in our lifetime.

Careful study shows us it is possible for the values of heaven to affect how life is lived here on earth. All that is needed is a group of people who will lay everything on the line to believe for God’s best in their generation as they explore the nature of His world. It is the testimony of the Great Awakenings. In reality, the supernatural breakthroughs of the past are putting a demand on us to believe for the same in our day. The history of divine intervention is summoning us into the future. This is our destiny and call. It is another paradox of the Kingdom to see the past pull us into our future. Only God’s history can do that.

On July 17, 1859, Charles Spurgeon, one of the greatest preachers of all time, brought a message entitled “The Story of God’s Mighty Acts.” In this sermon he declared how the miracles of divine intervention in the past have the power to shape the present. Listen to his cry (emphasis added):

When people hear about what God used to do, one of the things they say is: “Oh, that was a very long while ago.” . . . I thought it was God that did it. Has God changed? Is he not an immutable God, the same yesterday, today and forever? Does not that furnish an argument to prove that what God has done at one time he can do at another? Nay, I think I may push it a little further and say what he has done once is a prophecy of what he intends to do again. . . . Whatever God has done . . . is to be looked upon as a precedent. . . . [Let us] with earnestness seek that God would restore to us the faith of the men of old, that we may richly enjoy his grace as in the days of old.

It is irresponsible to position ourselves for the return of Christ at the expense of bringing about the transformation He commanded of us. His return is certain and will be glorious! But it is not my job to go to heaven. Only He can get me there. My assignment is to bring heaven to earth through my prayers and acts of radical obedience. To ignore my assignment is to fail in helping create the atmosphere that makes it possible for the right plants to grow— the plants that are the actual evidences of the reformation we long for, that are tangible expressions of the kindness of God that leads to repentance.

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