How God Sees

We tend to think the Gospel is only for us as individuals. Not seeing the full reach of His redemptive touch often weakens our understanding. The Gospel must include cities and nations as we pray and plan. Scripture frequently shows us God’s heart for the big picture. The mercy He showed in Jonah’s day was for the great city (God’s definition) of Nineveh. He often directed His messages through the prophets to cities and nations. The letters of Christ to the churches in Revelation 2 and 3 were actually addressed to the angel of an entire city. In the gospels, Jesus brought a rebuke to the three cities He ministered in the most—Chorazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum— because they did not repent after seeing His display of the Kingdom.

The point is, God thinks in terms of people groups and not just individuals. Even the salvation that came through Jesus’ blood was intended to come to entire families: “You will be saved, you and all your household” (Acts 11: 14 NASB). And while no one is grandfathered into salvation (in other words, being saved apart from their own faith), God sees a bigger picture than just salvation for individuals. Setting our hearts on what He has set His heart on is extremely liberating and empowering. We often make the mistake of reducing His impact on us to a survival mentality, instead of becoming the victors He made us to be. Perhaps this is what the writer of Psalm 78: 41, 56 addressed when he said that God’s people had tempted Him by limiting Him. How did they limit Him? They forgot that He is the God who invades the impossible. They forgot His miracle testimonies. In other words, God is the solver of impossible problems. He often does this through the co-laboring effect of His people.

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