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Can people truly be free from both the lifestyle and effects of sin in their lives? Unquestionably, yes. If one person can be free, then certainly a whole family can find freedom. If a whole family can live in the liberty that Jesus purchased for them, then the extended family can enjoy this gift as well.

What about that family’s neighborhood? We have seen it happen. One household after another tastes of the goodness of God, until an entire neighborhood becomes engulfed in the purposes of God. Such transformation is in the heart of God. And if it can happen in one neighborhood, then certainly it can spread, until a whole city is under the influence of this wonderful grace of God.

Divine reasoning says if it can happen to one city, then it can happen to a second city and a third, and beyond. It is then possible for this domino effect to take place until a whole nation comes under the influence of the reign of a perfect Father. It is needed, it is possible and it is at hand.

Is it possible for a business to operate by Kingdom principles and step into a place of economic healing and prosperity, until its owners become a blessing to their entire community? Of course it is possible. This has happened countless times. If God can heal the economy of one business, He can do it for two or three, or more. What God does for one is the testimony of what He would like to do for all. The financial healing in one business prophesies God’s intention to heal the economy of a city or nation. This is the heart of God— big, powerful and ready to accomplish His purposes in our day. And we must change our thinking until it includes the big picture.

The oak tree is in the acorn. Much of what we consider impossible or out of reach already exists in the smaller breakthroughs we have already experienced. That seed of answered prayer carries the DNA of heaven to see God’s purposes accomplished here on earth. The prophet Elijah ran for cover from the coming rain when he saw a cloud the size of a man’s hand (see 1 Kings 18: 44). He knew the potential of the moment because it was a God moment. Approaching life from the promises of God positions us for breakthroughs that others consider unreasonable. We were born to live a life in which the unreasonable yields to the power of the name of Jesus spoken through our lips.

Jesus said it: The Kingdom is at hand. Now we get to unravel the mysteries of His world, heaven, knowing that it was His pleasure to give them to us as an inheritance (see Matthew 13: 11). It is through His gift of wisdom and understanding that we have the honor of living intentionally toward the darkest places of our world and presenting the solutions found in the reality of His world. Let it be on earth as it is in heaven!

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