Joseph— Serving Someone Else’s Dream

Joseph was known as a dreamer, yet his dreams were unfulfilled until he offered to serve the dream of another. It was in the role of serving Pharaoh’s dream that Joseph began to see the dreams he had as a young man come to fulfillment. His example reveals the power of servant-oriented ministry, especially in leadership, where we serve to make someone else successful.

As Joseph served the revelation given to Pharaoh, who was a world leader, he single-handedly preserved the nation of Egypt in a difficult time. On top of that, he helped create a place of safety and blessing in which Israel could grow and develop as a nation. To this day, Egypt holds favored status in God’s eyes for the place that country gave to Joseph and his family, who were the beginning of a nation.

God placed Joseph in an evil environment when He assigned him to Egypt. God knew that what Joseph had become on the inside made him strong enough on the outside to resist becoming like the people he served. In other words, he would not be conformed to his surroundings, but would instead have great impact on the world that surrounded him. And he did.

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