What Is a Mission-Minded Child?

The famous missionary explorer David Livingstone once said, “This generation can only reach this generation.” But will we raise our children to reach effectively their generation for Jesus Christ?

We should answer “Yes!”, and The Mission-Minded we need to focus on God’s calling for our lives and work with Him to help raise a new generation of young people totally committed to His plans. Every follower of Jesus (including every Christian child) should have a “life mission” aimed at finding God’s purpose and fulfilling His potential.

Parents (and Christian teachers), do you realize how important you are? You have been placed in a strategic position to impact the next generation. Parenting children is more than a “duty,” and educating children is more than a “job.” If your vital role is perceived from God’s perspective and fulfilled with a focus toward the Lord and those who aren’t Christians yet, multitudes of mission-minded children could be motivated to live a God-centered life. Perhaps this book will even inspire you to reach your potential as well. Your child (and you!) could become today’s Christian leader and tomorrow’s world-changer. Be encouraged to recognize God’s potential in your child. You’ll be challenged to release your child to God for His purposes, then motivated to effectively raise your child for God to fulfill His specific mission (whatever that may be). Often an adult may ask a child, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” But as mission-minded parents and teachers, our typical question could have the potential of directing a child toward total obedience to God and complete surrender to His purposes. We should say, “Oh, I wonder what exciting plans God has prepared for your life? When you grow up, will you do whatever God wants you to do?”

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