By Patrick Dunagan, age fifteen Recently, my grandpa Dunagan died. At the time, Dad was overseas on a mission trip in Africa and was unable to get home in time for the memorial service. I had the sad honor of taking Dad’s place (along with my five uncles) as one of Grandpa’s pallbearers. My dad wrote this letter before he left. As it was read at Grandpa’s memorial service, it really showed me how a father’s life can impact his children for God and for missions and, in turn, impact his grandchildren too!

Dear Dad, Well, I am off to Africa again! Lord willing, my team will hold two crusades on this outreach. Months of preparation and planning have gone into this endeavor. I pray that God will honor the labor with multitudes of precious souls coming to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Dad, you and Mom were the first people to plant in me a desire for missions evangelism. For many years you had been faithfully in charge of the missions department at East Olympia Community Church— always making sure that these laborers received their material support and plenty of love and encouragement.

I remember one time in particular, when I was about twelve years old, that a certain missionary from South America had come to visit you at the farm. I knew that at the time your own personal finances were tight. However, I observed how you and Mom wanted to bless this man. You saved a little here and a little there and even sold a cow. When you gave your gift, you gave joyfully and humbly. Little did this man know of the sacrifice behind what you gave . . . and seeing your act of giving stirred something inside of me. I immediately ran to my room and gave the missionary all of my money to help him in his work. I figured that if “missions” was that important to you, it had better be important to me.

Dad, in the event that your body passes away while I am in Africa, I know that your soul and spirit are with Jesus. To be sure, there is nothing I can do to bring life back into your body now. However, through my labors I trust for salvation to be granted to many. More than likely, I would not be able to make it back in time for your funeral; but in that event, I would like to dedicate the souls that come to Christ on this outreach to you. I trust that the Lord will add them to your reward. I love you, Dad! Thanks for being such a godly example to follow. Your son, Jon

“The question is not how much of my money I give to God, but rather how much of God’s money I keep for myself.” R. G. LETOURNEAU

“He had everything, but he possessed nothing. There is the spiritual secret.” A. W. TOZER (SPEAKING OF ABRAHAM OFFERING ISAAC)

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