Your life becomes a supernatural life when you obey God.

Your life becomes a supernatural life when you obey God. When God calls you to break camp and move your tent to higher, tougher ground — into a new, unfamiliar realm of obedience and faith — at first it seems like a challenging and even a frightening prospect. But once you’ve conquered those initial fears and established your obedience in that new realm, you’re ready to settle into God’s ordained place for your life with a higher and deeper level of peace and trust in Him.

Remarkably, as soon as you’re settled into that new place, it will probably be time for you to move up to a higher realm once again! And just like the last time, once you’ve obeyed the Lord and the fear fades, your faith will move up another notch. That means you’ll probably be ready to receive another new directive from Heaven that will continue to develop you, challenge you, and conform you into the image of Jesus Christ.

Following the Lord’s instructions is a never-ending assignment in the life of an obedient believer.

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