When God opens huge doors of opportunity for you, you may ask, Am I ready for this? Can I handle this kind of responsibility? Am I spiritually mature enough to deal with all that comes with this kind of position?

Those are good questions to ask, but consider this: If God Himself has truly opened a door of opportunity for you, He has obviously counted you faithful enough at this point in your life to handle a new assignment. Otherwise, the door wouldn’t be open to you. So if you don’t think you’re mature enough to handle what God has asked you to do, don’t worry! You can rest assured that He will help you mature and grow as you stay on the path He’s ordained for you. (I recommend that you read my book, If You Were God, Would You Choose You?)

You can rest assured that He will help you mature and grow as you stay on the path He’s ordained for you.

If you wait until you think you’re completely prepared to begin your next assignment, you’ll probably never do anything significant for the Kingdom of God because you’ll never really feel like you’re “ready.” Most likely, you won’t feel good enough, prepared enough, or mature enough to handle that new assignment.

If a door opens and you hear God beckoning you to walk through, just trust His judgment over your own concerning your “readiness.” You’re not a good judge of your ability to be used by Him anyway! Remember, even the apostle Paul said, “...Yea, I judge not mine own self ” (1 Corinthians 4:3). Of course, you should judge yourself in matters of discipline, financial responsibility, how you treat others, and so on. But you should never judge whether you’re ready for a new task in the Kingdom of God — especially if it’s a big one!

When you look at the immensity of the assignment God is asking you to do, you may feel very small and ill-equipped for the task. But that isn’t entirely bad! As long as your feelings of inadequacy don’t prevent you from accepting God’s new assignment, those same insecure feelings may ultimately be very beneficial to you. It’s actually good to realize your dependence upon God as you initiate a major new step in your life. It’s only when you become cocky and arrogant — so reliant upon yourself that you forget your need for God’s strength — that you can fail.

However, it’s important not to confuse genuine humility with false humility. A person with false humility continually talks about his unworthiness to take on a task God has given him. On the other hand, true humility is demonstrated when a person recognizes his inadequacy to do the job but accepts God’s plan and trusts that he can get it done with the Lord’s help.

Real humility is recognizing who you are without God and what you can be if you put your trust in Jesus Christ.

The truth is, naturally speaking, you aren’t worthy of your new assignment. Big deal! According to the natural, you weren’t worthy to receive your salvation either. Nor were you worthy to receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit, healing, or answers to your prayers. In fact, Romans 3:20 states that according to your own deeds and actions, you’re not worthy of anything except eternal judgment!

However, your unworthiness didn’t change the fact that God chose you, saved you, healed you, and answered your prayers time and time again. You didn’t deserve any of this, yet because His work in your life is a work of grace, you received all of it anyway. You’re a recipient of God’s wonderworking grace!

Because of God’s grace, you can realistically look at the inadequacies you feel and confidently proclaim, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” (Philippians 4:13). In fact, this verse could be translated, “I can do all things through Christ, who infuses me with a brand-new, continuous stream of fresh power each new day.”

This daily inflow of fresh power comes from having a vibrant, working relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Your dependence on Him in that relationship is the key to receiving the daily infusion of divine strength and wisdom that will enable you to accept and victoriously fulfill God’s next assignment for your life.

When God thinks you’re ready, He provides the grace and power to make you ready.

You may not feel ready for your next new assignment from God, but that’s all right. When God thinks you’re ready, He provides the grace and power to make you ready. He will mature and equip you for the task.

God just wants to hear your heart say yes to the next exciting phase of life He is placing before you.

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