The worst thing you can do when you’re faced with your own point of no return is to sit idly on the banks of your “Jordan River” and wonder, Would it really part for me if I take this step of faith?

Sadly, that is what most Christians do. Instead of believing God and taking action to see their dreams come to pass, they often just sit back and wait, obsessing about whether or not they should step out in faith and obey God. They watch from the sidelines as other believers take great leaps of faith. They may even read biographies of men and women who achieved greatness because they acted on a word from God to do the impossible.

But when it comes to their own lives, they remain utterly immobile. These Christians think and think about all the possible implications of what God is asking them to do until they finally realize they’ve missed their opportunity. Then when their time has passed, they wonder why their lives are devoid of excitement, adventure, and purpose! Too often people who fit in this category ultimately do nothing significant for God’s Kingdom with their lives.

Friend, I’ll tell you where adventure and excitement lie — on the other side of the river! The adventure begins when you focus on your future and start moving! When you first step off the bank and put your foot into the waters, you’ll experience a surge of faith and excitement like you’ve never before known in your life. And when those waters part for you, you’ll know a dimension of faith that can only be known by the bravest and most daring men and women of God.

Let me relate an example from own life. Years ago, I knew a young man who had great potential but was hindered from releasing that potential by fear and insecurity. He was a meticulous thinker, planner, and organizer — all wonderful qualities in their own right. However, he continually allowed excessive thinking and unnecessary planning to interfere with his ability to take a step of faith. God intended these qualities to be beneficial to this young man. Instead, he allowed these personality traits to build a stronghold in his mind that held him back from pursuing God’s will for his life.

Opportunity after opportunity presented itself to this man. But instead of taking action, he would think so long about whether or not he should accept the new opportunity that it would just pass him by. Time after time, I watched as he sat back instead of moving forward, obsessively thinking and plotting his next move.

Finally, I said to him, “You need to recognize what God is doing when He is opening a door for you. When He gives you a green light, you need to obey what the Holy Spirit is telling you to do. Quit allowing your mind and your fears to prevent you from stepping out from where you are to where God wants you to be.”

Sadly, this man continued to sit idly on the banks, looking at the wild river and wondering what would happen if he were to step out in faith to accept the new opportunity God had placed before him. The chains that bound the man weren’t made of iron, but they were just as real. He had placed those chains on himself, and the longer he sat there, wondering without taking action, the stronger those chains became.

Once you experience the excitement and fulfillment of pursuing the dream God has planted in your heart, you’ll never want to go back to where you once were.

Don’t let this be you! If you’ve been preparing for your moment of promotion and you sense that God is giving you the green light, take that first step off the banks of your Jordan River, and watch what God Almighty will do for you when you put your trust in Him! When those waters begin to part, you’ll enter an amazing new realm of living from which there is no return. And I promise you — once you experience the excitement and fulfillment of pursuing the dream God has planted in your heart, you’ll never want to go back to where you once were.

In addition, you’ll have the faith, courage, and perseverance to boldly step into the next river when it presents itself — as well as the next and the next. With each new experience, God’s faithfulness will build such a strong foundation of confidence in your heart that you’ll be able to face every challenge on the road ahead with boldness and assurance.

So what is God telling you to do? Whatever it is, don’t allow fear to stop you dead in your tracks. Refuse to let yourself get bogged down and lose the vision God gave you.

If you’re certain God has spoken to you and you know what you’re supposed to do right now, take the first step forward into your future! The waters in front of you may look wild and dangerous, but God will make a way for you to cross unscathed. Instead of focusing on all the problems and impossibilities in front of you, make the choice to push all those doubts aside and start focusing in faith on your future.

It’s true that you should be realistic about your own talents, gifts, and finances, as well as about the problems you’re facing. And if your problems are a result of your own actions or inaction, you need to set everything right before you step out to take another big leap of faith.

However, if you’ve taken the time to send your roots down deep into Christ; if your personal life is in order; and if you sense the Holy Spirit telling you that your time has come — you’ve reached your point of no return. Challenge, conquest, and victory lay before you. The realm of life you’re about to enter is more satisfying than anything money could ever buy and more gratifying than any transient feeling of security could ever afford you.

Nothing can compare to following God’s will for your life.

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