The Book of Acts says: God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him (Acts 10: 38).

This new breed of revivalist will be marked with an Acts 10: 38 anointing— a baptism and enabling of the Holy Spirit and power— and I believe this anointing is the key to seeing what has been prophesied— the greatest harvest in the history of the earth. It will be brought in through demonstrations of power.

Acts chapters 3 and 4 make the connection between massive salvations and power. Acts 4: 4 records that 5,000 men were saved after hearing Peter preach the Gospel. Now that is a good day in the Kingdom. But what was it that set the stage for 5,000 men to surrender their lives to Jesus?

The first section of Acts 3 tells of Peter and John encountering a man born lame. As was the custom of the day, the disabled man asked Peter and John for money. However, they didn’t offer him the charity he was accustomed to. Instead, they turned to him and extended the greatest gift he had ever received: the currency of Heaven— the ability to walk. When Peter and John demonstrated the Kingdom through power, a crowd gathered. And when their audience heard the truth, they gave their lives to Jesus. The message of the Gospel, introduced upon a platform of demonstration, was evident, revealing God’s heart for the broken and accompanied by a literal display of His power.

We are seeing this right now, not only in our own city but also in other regions, nations, and continents. Places like China, Africa, and the Middle East are seeing thousands upon thousands of people swept into the Kingdom, and they trace it directly back to God’s power being released in their midst.

Jason Westerfield attended Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in its early years. He is one of the most radical people I have ever met. His life inspires any who come across him to pursue the Lord with reckless abandon and to be a God-encounter to the world around them. One evening he was at a fast food restaurant in town and walked by a car with three guys inside— two were in the front seat and one in the back. Jason stopped and struck up a conversation with them. They told him that they were on their way to Washington. Jason then shared that he had just come from the evening service at Bethel and described what he had seen God do. I’m not sure how, but he ended up in the backseat of their car, sitting next to one of the guys, who was wearing a full leg brace. Jason told him about the love of Jesus and prayed with him to receive Jesus into his life. Then Jason said, “You are a Christian now. You can pray for your leg to be healed and God will heal it. Let’s do that right now.” Jason laid his hands on the injured leg and invited the two guys in the front seat to do the same. Apparently they were up for it, so they laid hands on their friend as well. They released healing over the leg and then had the guy get out of the car to test it out. The young man removed his brace and began to jump up and down. The Lord had just healed him.

All of a sudden the driver turned to Jason and started confessing his sins. He concluded by saying, “I used to go to Sunday school as a kid, but I don’t go to church anymore. I need to get right with God.” Jason led him to the Lord right there on the spot. The third guy got saved as well. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, they said, “Jason, we’ve got to be honest with you. We are in the middle of a drug run. We are taking drugs from Humboldt County up to Washington.” They proceeded to pull their drugs out, throw them on the ground, and stomp all over them. God is releasing the harvest through extreme encounters with power and signs and wonders. This new breed of revivalist emerging in the earth isn’t going to just talk about the Kingdom but will also demonstrate the Kingdom.

They are going to walk in an anointing of power that exhibits to the world around them that Jesus alone has the power to forgive sins.

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