Twice a year, we have “Pastors’/ Leaders’ Advances,” a three-day event at which we have our second-year students, having been trained in hearing the voice of the Lord, prophesy over these leaders. Two students per team, along with a junior high school student from our Christian school, will then spend approximately ten minutes per person over a two-hour session.

On one occasion, two of our Supernatural Ministry students were paired up with a 12-year-old boy. As leaders were placed in front of them, the two older students would look at each other, asking whether or not they had a “word.” Each time, they would both respond that they did not have something right away, then would defer to the junior high student who always responded with lengthy, encouraging “words.”

After the two-hour session was over, the two School of Supernatural Ministry students were astonished at the competency level of the 12-year-old. When they asked how long he had been prophesying, thinking he was surely quite experienced, he responded that this was his first time. Shocked, the Supernatural Ministry students began to inquire how he got so many words— words that turned out to be very detailed and encouraging to the leaders they had been prophesying to.

His response was simple, “My teacher told me that I was going to prophesy today, so I figured since I was doing God’s work, whatever thought came into my head was from God. So, when you asked if I had anything, I just said whatever first came to my mind.”

The School of Supernatural Ministry students instantly received a life-changing revelation regarding the simplicity of hearing God’s voice.

Confidence in accessing and being activated in “words of knowledge” comes from

(1) learning to tap into this “new” mind, the mind of Christ;

(2) then like Samuel, learning to discern that what you are hearing is actually from God; and

(3) taking a risk to see if what you heard helps “for the common good.”

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