When it came time to replace King Saul, God turned His attention to a country boy who showed more diligence than any of the men in the city. David’s desire for excellence was a part of his character.

Desire is something you can’t give to someone. It has to originate inside the person himself. If an individual doesn’t possess desire, it is difficult, if not impossible, to impart it to him. David is an example of someone who had desire.

If you are the one choosing leaders in your church, ministry, business, or organization, do not overlook a person’s desire. Is he pursuing improvement in the way he lives, where he lives, and how he dresses? Does he constantly work on developing new skills? If not, he is probably not the right person for you to choose as a part of your top team.

You don’t need a passionless, desire less person running a division of your church, ministry, business, or organization. If you choose someone like that to be in charge, that division of your ministry or business will soon be sluggish and non-performing. Even worse than that is the fact that the person you placed in charge will be content with the results!

Look for those who have desire. Search high and low for people who read books, listen to teaching tapes, and attend seminars to learn how to better perform their responsibilities and improve their skills. Choose those who strive for excellence in the way they live, where they live, and how they dress.

Remember — God’s eyes run to and fro in the earth, seeking, searching, looking for those who fill the criteria He demands. So don’t move too hastily as you make your choices. Let God be your Example. Look long and think hard. Make certain the person you select is made of the right material. Be aware that how he lives and dresses is probably an accurate indicator of the level of excellence he will bring with him to the ministry, business, or organization.

God wants to use everyone, but not everyone will be used.

What happens to people depends on what they are willing to put into themselves and their calling. If they are happy as they are, then that’s all they will ever be. But if they have an inward desire to be more than they are, they will never be satisfied to remain unchanged. They will possess an appetite to get up and become something significant.

Call on God to stir the embers of your heart until you burn with desire for His best in your life.

If you lack desire, I urge you to get before God and call out for Him to do a new work in your heart. Ask Him to give you a holy dissatisfaction with the status quo you’re living in your heart until right now.

Call on God to stir the embers of your heart until you burn with desire for His best in your life. If you’re not willing to do this, it really doesn’t matter how gifted or talented you are — you won’t be the one God chooses first.

Never forget that whatever is in a man’s personal life is exactly what he will bring to the area of responsibility entrusted to him in the church, ministry, business, or organization. If he demonstrates no desire for excellence at home, you can be sure he won’t pursue excellence in his new position either. He cannot give what he does not have.

Everything David did demonstrated that he had desire. When God saw it, He knew this young man had the right inward makings to become a great king.

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