In order for you to fulfill the dream God has placed in your heart, it’s imperative that you understand Hebrews 10:23, which states, “Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering (for he is faithful that promised).” This scripture can help lay a solid foundation within you, enabling you to accept and carry out the call of God on your life.

I want you to particularly notice the phrase “hold fast.” This phrase is taken from the Greek word katecho, which is a compound of the two words kata and echo. The first word, kata, carries the idea of something that comes downward. You could say that this word conveys something that comes down so hard and heavily that it is overpowering, dominating, and even subjugating. When this extremely strong force arrives on the scene, it conquers, subdues, and immediately begins to demonstrate its overwhelming, influencing power.

The second part of the word katecho is the word echo, which simply means I have and carries the idea of possession. It is the picture of someone who has sought after a particular item his entire life. After years of seeking, he has finally found what he has been searching for. Joyfully he rushes forward to seize his treasure and hold it tightly. He wraps his arms around the object of his desire, making it his very own, and declares, “I have it!” or “It’s finally mine!”

When kata and echo are compounded into the word katecho, the new word doesn’t just mean to embrace; it actually means to embrace something tightly. Because of the word kata, we know that this is the image of someone who finds the object of his dreams and then holds it down — even to the point of sitting on it! — in order to dominate and take control of it. If you will do this with the word you’ve received from God, your dream won’t be able to get away from you, nor will anyone be able to take it away!

The phrase “hold fast” conveys such strength that it can actually mean to suppress something. In fact, the phrase “hold fast” (katecho) is actually translated as the word “suppress” in Romans 1:18 (NKJV). Here Paul describes ungodly men “…who suppress the truth in unrighteousness....” Because Paul uses the word katecho (suppress), we know that these ungodly men are not ignorant of the truth. They know what is true, but they don’t like it! Therefore, rather than allow the truth to get out so it can positively affect people, they “suppress” or “put a lid on” it.

Often the media is told to “sit on a story” rather than publish it because certain influential people don’t want the truth to be told so that it gets away from their ability to control it. This is another example of the meaning of katecho.

If we don’t hold fast to our God-given vision, tightly embracing what He has shown us, the “dream thieves” will see to it that we slowly let our dream slip away from us.

Now this same word, which is used so negatively in Romans 1:18, is used in Hebrews 10:23 to describe the strong response we should have to God’s plan for our lives. When we finally discover a portion of God’s will for us, His plan begins to awaken in our hearts, and we come to understand what job to take, what business to start, what ministry God has called us to fulfill, and so forth. But if we don’t hold fast to our God-given vision, tightly embracing what He has shown us, the “dream thieves” will see to it that we slowly let our dream slip away from us.

This is the very reason we are told to “hold fast” to the word God has spoken to our hearts. We must seize that dream — wrap our arms of faith around it, hold it down, grasp it tightly, and place all our weight on top of it. If we don’t, the dream thieves of life will come to steal the wonderful plan God has for our lives. If they succeed in doing so, they will steal our uniqueness and our individual purpose in the magnificent plan of God — and nothing would be more tragic than this.

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