We all know that in and of itself, time is a neutral force. Time can work for us or against us; it can be either a healing or a destructive force. For example, we’ve all heard the saying, “Time heals all wounds.” But we’ve also heard about situations where people sadly remark, “There just wasn’t enough time to save them.” In each of these situations, time played a very important role, either negatively or positively.


 You will face a multitude of dream thieves in life, but time is one of the primary strategies Satan uses to try to steal your dreams. There’s just something about the passage of time that has a way of gnawing away at your faith and perseverance.


As the months and years pass and your dream remains unfulfilled, the enemy will use the passage of time to bring accusations against you in your mind. He’ll whisper: “You’re nothing more than a dreamer! You probably didn’t receive a true word from the Lord after all. It was just something you wanted to happen — a wild idea you dreamed up to make you feel more important in your small, insignificant world! You’re just a dreamer. So let go of your fantasy, and get back to the real world!” You may even get to the place where you regret that you ever discovered God’s plan for your life.


Perhaps it seems like your entire life has been put “on hold” since the moment you received a word from the Lord about His plans for you. Maybe you’ve thought about the great life you might be living right now if He had never planted that dream in your heart. You may even be tempted to “kiss it all good-bye” and forfeit the rewards of obedience — just for the sake of a “normal life.”


I wonder how many men and women of God have come to this place in their spiritual walk. Having waited so long to see their victory, they regret that God ever spoke to them. Rather than holding down their dream with even more effort and resolve, the passing of time pressures them to let it slip through their fingers. Finally, these believers abandon God’s plan altogether. All too often, however, they let go of their dream when they’re on the brink of experiencing the full manifestation of His promise in their lives.


 Whenever time becomes a dream thief that attempts to steal our God-given vision, we must “hold fast” and remind ourselves again and again that it will     come to pass “in due time.”


First Peter 5:6 tells us, “Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time.” Whenever time becomes a dream thief that attempts to steal our God-given vision, we must “hold fast” and remind ourselves again and again that it will come to pass “in due time.”


We must establish our hearts in the Word of God, refusing to be moved or shaken by the length of time it takes for us to see the fruit of our labor and the manifestation of our steadfast faith. In Chapter Six, we’ll discuss in depth the key ingredients that will prevent time from robbing us of our dreams: faith and patience.

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