One of the saddest things Denise and I encounter as we travel in ministry is the realization that the Body of Christ is filled to overflowing with believers who at some point received a word from God but never did anything with it. These men and women were once burning with a passion to do something tremendous for God in this world. But then the dream thieves pressured them from every side — whittling away at their confidence and breaking down their resolve — until finally they let their dream slowly drain out of their hearts and minds. The exciting, adventurous, faith-filled life they had once envisioned and eagerly anticipated had been reduced to a boring, grinding routine.

Wherever we go to minister, we find people in this situation. They may have had a dream from Heaven burning in their hearts since they were very young. For example, some of them knew in their hearts that God had gifted them with the ability to make millions and to help finance the preaching of the Gospel throughout the world in order to bring in the end-time harvest that is currently taking place. Others knew they were born to establish their own businesses or ministries. But instead, so many of these Christians settled for less — and as a result, they have lived a mediocre life.

When people near the end of their lives without accomplishing what God called them to do, they often look for a scapegoat. Unfortunately, one of the most common scapegoats people use is their own children. They say, “Well, if I didn’t do anything else, I raised some good kids.”

It’s true that raising godly, healthy, and productive children should be one of our highest priorities. However, our parental responsibilities provide no excuse for ignoring or choosing not to fulfill the call of God on our lives. The truth is, if we refuse to follow the direction of the Holy Spirit in fulfilling our divine purpose, we’re not setting a godly example for our children anyway. We’re only perpetuating our frustration and passing down to the next generation our failure to obey God.

Here’s the bottom line: Your sense of purpose and fulfillment and your greatest joys and adventures can only be found by following God’s plan for your life.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, because it is never too late to begin pursuing God’s purpose and plan for your life.

If you realize that you have allowed the dream thieves to steal your dream, remember this: It doesn’t matter how old you are, because it is never too late to begin pursuing God’s purpose and plan for your life. Consider Moses, who was 80 years old when God called him out of the wilderness to confront Pharaoh!

So remember, when you receive a word from God, you must hold fast. Wrap your arms of faith around that divine revelation. Hold it tight, and keep it firmly planted in your heart. In other words, sit on it! Do everything in your power to keep your God-given dream from being stolen from you — and then pursue it with all your might!

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