The key to what makes one’s profession more than just the parroting of someone else’s words can be found in the word logia, the second half of the word “profession” (homologia). This word comes from the word logos, which, as mentioned earlier, is the Greek word for words. But logos means more than just words; it also refers to the concept, opinion, emotion, or reasoning behind the words being communicated.

For example, when you read one of my books, you’re not just reading words — you’re reading my words. You can’t divorce my words on the printed page from my life because my words convey my convictions, my beliefs, and my passions. And if you confess or profess the words I have written, you are agreeing with or coming into alignment with me.

Likewise, when we talk about professing or confessing God’s Word, we are actually saying that we’re coming into alignment with God. I call this divine alignment. The word “profession” or “confession” (homologia) not only means to say it like God says it, but, more specifically, it means to see it like God sees it, to feel it like God feels it, and to know it like God knows it — until our hearts finally begin to beat in sync with His very heart.

Logos is a very powerful word! When you read God’s logos, you are reading His heart, His mind, His ways, His plans, and His purposes. Therefore, if you hold fast to the profession of your faith by saying the same words as God’s Word, you are choosing to align your life with His life. You are causing your will to line up with His will.

You are determining to shove aside all preconceived notions about your calling — all of your desires and self-made plans — in order to come into alignment with God’s plan for your life. You are choosing to become one with your divine purpose.

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