My deep desire is that this book will provoke you to seek God fervently for your life’s plan and purpose, if He hasn’t already spoken to you. I also pray that once you know what He has called you to do, you will be equally provoked to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading and take the necessary steps to bring that divine plan to pass in your life. However, in provoking you “unto love and to good works” (Hebrews 10:24), I would be grossly negligent if I didn’t remind you of one extremely important fact:

You are not alone in this great adventure!

First and foremost, you have Jesus’ promise that He will never leave you or forsake you (Hebrews 13:5). This, of course, is the most important and preeminent truth you must never lose sight of. Jesus should always be your ultimate focus as you begin to pursue His purposes for your life.

But I also want to stress that when you begin to take steps to make your dream a reality, God will place other people in your life to assist you. He brings these relationships into your life for the purpose of encouraging and provoking you to respond correctly as difficult situations arise. And I guarantee you that difficult situations will arise as the enemy tries to stop God’s plan from being fulfilled in your life!

There are two fundamental reasons why we succumb to the tactics of the dream thieves and forsake our vision. The first involves our individual walk with the Lord. We must guard our hearts and minds by spending time in His Word and praying for divine guidance and strength from the Holy Spirit. Essentially, every chapter in this book until now has dealt with different aspects of maintaining a strong, enduring relationship with God.

God never intended for us to live out our lives of faith alone.

But the second reason we lose our passion and abandon our dream concerns our relationships within the Body of Christ. Sometimes after much time has passed since we received our word from God, we carry an enormous burden of discouragement yet fail to turn to other believers for help and support. However, God never intended for us to live out our lives of faith alone.

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