Don’t Waste Your Allotted Time

Time is even more precious than money (if you can imagine that!). You can always get more money, but it is impossible to regain time once it is gone. Time runs out, and you can’t get it back.

Now, I know the Word of God says that He restores the years the locusts have eaten (Joel 2:25) and helps us redeem the time (Ephesians 5:16). Thank God for His mercy in doing this for us! God’s Word is absolutely the truth, but these questions remain:

What is our attitude toward the precious time God gives us?

Are we obeying Him when He speaks to us and asks us to do something?

Or do we say, “I’ll do it tomorrow; I don’t need to be in a hurry. I’ve got plenty of time”?

What is our attitude toward the precious time God gives us?

We go through many seasons in our lives, and in each season, God calls us to do particular things. We’d better make sure we’re taking full advantage of each season by bearing the fruit we’re supposed to bear in that specific time in our lives. If we miss the opportunity to produce during a given season, that same opportunity may never come again once that period of time in our lives is over.

Perhaps you’re supposed to start a business, but you’re afraid to take the risk. Maybe there are new places you’re supposed to go or new people you need to meet, but you’d rather stay put in the comfortable status quo.

I remember years ago when God asked me to start a women’s Bible study, and my first step of obedience was to meet with the pastor and get his blessing and permission. For me, this was the hard part. I loved this pastor and respected him and his wife so much. But in the past whenever I had the opportunity to talk to him, I’d find myself stumbling over my words, saying dumb things, and looking very insecure (which I was). Now I had to go to dinner with the pastor and his family and share my idea about starting a women’s Bible study in our home!

This was a huge deal to me, because I had no idea what I would say.To me, it was like Star Wars — and I was the one entering into unknown territory! I was so scared!

You see, my pastor and his wife were wonderful people. They were not the problem in this situation — the problem was inside me. God was requiring me to face my fear and leave my comfort zone.

When we went to dinner, I was wringing my hands through the entire meal, and I hardly ate a bite. Finally, dinner was almost over and everyone was eating their dessert. I thought to myself, Denise, you’ve got to do it! You’ve got to ask him! It’s now or never! Ask right now!

I opened my mouth and, with voice shaking, I said, “Pastor, God has put it on my heart to hold a women’s Bible study in our home two times a month. I want to teach women how to love their husbands and their children according to Titus 2:4 and 5.”

As I waited for his answer, I thought, What will he say? Do I look foolish or presumptuous, thinking that I can lead a Bible study?

But my pastor’s response was immediate and simple. He warmly said, “Denise, I think that would be great!” I almost fainted!

I led that Bible study for two years, and it was well attended. We even held a conference for all the women of the church, and more than 200 women came! In addition, from that group of women who attended the Bible study, four answered the call to full-time ministry!

I didn’t know it at the time when God called me to lead the women’s Bible study, but that space of two years was my allotted time for the Bible study. Two years later, He would call our family to leave America and begin our ministry in the former Soviet Union. If I hadn’t climbed out of my comfort zone and said yes to the Lord, I would have missed my season of fulfilling that particular assignment from heaven.

You see you have to seize the time you have now. You run a high risk of losing your opportunity if you say, “I am going to do it next year. “By this time next year, the allotted time to do what is on your heart may have come and gone!

You run a high risk of losing your opportunity if you say, “I am going to do it next year.

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