The Price of the Anointing

If you are to prepare for an increase in power, you must understand that walking in the power of the Holy Spirit involves suffering and a continual humbling process. Not everyone you pray for will be healed.

Your heart will ache over those who are desperate for a touch from God and don’t receive the miracle they seek.

One night, I watched John Wimber pray for people gathered together in a Methodist church. Miraculously, almost everybody was healed when he prayed for him or her. The power of God was definitely present to heal. The next night, however, no one was healed.

I talked to John about it after the abysmal meeting ended and said, “I don’t understand it.”

He replied, “You don’t get it do you? I don’t have any more sin in my life than I did last night. I don’t have any less faith tonight than I did last night. Last night I came here, put my fat hand out and said, ‘Come Holy Spirit.’ I just blessed what I saw God do. Last night when everyone got healed I didn’t go to bed thinking I’d done anything great or I was some great man of God. And tonight I’m not going to be feeling like I am a great failure either. It wasn’t me either time. And tomorrow I’m going to get up and do it again.”

That short conversation with John encouraged me to step into the healing ministry. For the first time I saw the humanity and the brokenness behind the man who wielded such power. When I realized that the power was a result of the anointing and not John, I said in my heart I can do this. I can embrace this ministry because I learned his secret: Just show up; just put yourself in the place of ministry. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Learn how to see what the father is doing and bless it.

In Luke 5: 17 the Spirit of the Lord was present to heal. The implication is that it wasn’t always that way. But it is extremely difficult when you’re in that place where the miracles aren’t coming to the worst cases. I was ministering in Brazil recently and grieved after I prayed for a little boy with a severe case of Cerebral Palsy. The boy wasn’t healed. I also prayed for a girl who was deaf in both ears. Despite the fact that I’ve seen a lot of deaf people healed, she wasn’t healed. That night I didn’t go to bed thinking I was a great failure and tomorrow, I am going to get up and do it again.

Despite heart wrenching nights of ministry like that one, I take encouragement in the fact that there are divine appointments. Recognizing the divine appointments helps me separate from the sense of obligation that I have to pray for every sick person that I see. Jesus didn’t pray for every person he saw. Suffering is lessened by understanding how to obey the spirit, recognizing who you are supposed to pray for and not feeling guilty because you passed somebody else up.

Entering into the powerful ministry of Jesus is not all suffering. There is an excitement about it as you look to the divine appointments where you know that you are to pray for someone and that they will be healed or saved. You never know when God is going to show up and release His power. You could be at work, at play, or at home when God gives you a prophecy or a word of knowledge for healing.

As you act on that prompting of the Holy Spirit all Heaven breaks loose. No sweat. Our ministry is to be yoked to Jesus. His burden is light. When we feel like it’s no longer light or easy, we’re pulling too much.

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