Man of God

Read Matthew 1: 18-24

We don't know how Joseph learned that Mary was pregnant, but he had to be hurt. He had to feel betrayed.

Joseph had the legal right to have Mary stoned.

But even in his moment of greatest doubt, anger and hurt, Joseph chose mercy; he opted for compassion. Had he not chosen to divorce her quietly, others might have stoned her.

Joseph was clearly a man of faith. An angel appeared to him... in a dream. The angel didn't appear face-to-face as he did to others. He showed up in a dream. Yet Joseph trusted the dream. It confirmed what Mary had claimed, so He chose to stand beside her. He chose to marry her. He chose to raise her son as his own.

What would it be like to be stepfather to the Son of God? How do you co-parent with the Most High? What happens if you suddenly realize on your way home to Galilee that you've lost him. "Sorry, God, you can't have him this weekend. I've misplaced him somewhere."

Joseph accepted the challenge. He got it right from the beginning. How do you teach a boy to be a man? You love and honor his mother. You demonstrate compassion and mercy. You step out in faith. And you place him in the hands of God.

His Heavenly Father showed Jesus what it was like to be God. His earthly father showed him what it was like to be a man.

We thank you, Lord, for Joseph’s example of godly parenting. Help us follow that example as we model your compassion, mercy and faithfulness for all to see.

Help us honor you by honoring those you place in our lives. Amen.

When Joseph woke up, he did what the angel of the Lord had commanded him and took Mary home as his wife.

Matthew 1: 24

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