Its Already Done !

I love how in a moment the lord can show up in the simplest of ways and speak to us. I had one of these moments a few weeks ago not only caught be by surprise by His gentle whisper and I was not in a place where I was seeking the lord for answers. I was actually just putting up Christmas Lights on our front porch while having text exchange chat with one of my spiritual sons.

We were on the subject of how difficult it seems at times to stay on mission when you do don’t feel like you are making a difference and you can’t see any immediate results or fruit. I remember sharing with him that I was encouraged by our conversation because I was struggling with some of the same types of concerns and as I was ministering to him I was also encouraging me. Sounds very biblical yeah?

When we teach do we teach ourselves ? Romans 2:21

I had finished my chatting session and I had put my earphones on and was getting back to my Christmas light project as I was also using this as a way to keep my mind off of the new year and what our itinerary was looking like, with two international youth crusades and the pre planning trips to Rwanda & Cape Town before the events it was a bit overwhelming.

We have all been there, the more I wrote it down and looked at it on paper the more overwhelming it seemed. This past year was the most amazing year of my life and I am so grateful that before we left Cape Town Last October the lord had already given me dates for our July Trip to Rwanda and our October trip to Cape Town and He told me no matter what happens You Stay On Mission…

I can tell you that I understand how and why many men & women of God get off mission. The Lord does not say it would be easy but I knew in my spirit it was a live changing command. The enemy knew it was life changing as well and as he often does when we are on mission he attacks, friends, family and loved ones to prevent you from completing the assigned task and especially the assigned time.

Now to the point as I have shared I was trying to keep my mind off of how and where I would get a team and the finances to do all that the lord has given us to do? How will I raise the finances for not just myself but what about those in Cape Town and their needs? We have been so blessed in our ministry and every need has always been met, the lord constantly comes through for us.

While I am always saying and believing that our provision comes "in the Going" or "As you Go!" But I still find myself in those moments of oh Lord do you know what is needed here ?

I know silly question and that is why I was caught by surprise with the way He reassured me that He did in fact know what we needed..

The words he spoke were these:

“Hope for Heart Ache, Peace For Worry, Calm For Trouble, Rest For Hurry,

It Sounds too Good to be True, But its Waiting Right Here For You

It’s Already Done, It’s Already The Love Of the Father Revealed in the Son

So Open Your Heart Up To His Kingdom Come

Stop Trying So Hard And Believe

It’s Already Done!

As I put my earphones in and turned my music on the song that was playing was from the Beautiful Offering CD and the Song is It’s Already Done.

I had heard it many times and I had never even considered that it would have anything to do with whatever I was believing and trusting God for.

He just spoke to me in a gentle voice as the song was playing and said listen it is already done.

He will speak and those that listen will respond so we Stay On Mission and we remember it’s Already Done!

Blessings Steve.

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