We have been given the keys to the Kingdom to be able to unlock Heaven whenever we need His presence and power. In Matthew 16:19, Jesus promised, “I will give you the keys of the kingdom....” In other words, we can unlock the door to the resources of Heaven to get whatever we need whenever we need it.

That is an amazing privilege! Jesus did not say, “I will lend you the keys.” Jesus gave us the keys, meaning that He no longer has them. It is now up to us to open up Heaven so that His presence and power can be released through the opening that we have made for Him to come.

How often do we hear Christians pleading with God to open up the Heavens and rain down His power to intervene? All the while, God is pleading with us to use the keys that we have been given to release His rule so that intervention can come. We cannot expect God to do our job in the partnership.

When we do what is expected of us to unlock Heaven, then He faithfully does His part. It is His good pleasure to give us the Kingdom (see Luke 12:32).

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