Show Us Your Glory

I have much more to share as to why I decided to share the Azuza Street memories. I cant seem to think about the Glory of God without thinking of Azuza and how it was a wonderful glimpse of what an outporing of the Goodness of God would look like.

That being said I propose that Deuteronomy 29:29 is a perfect example of something that is now revealed and is part of the inheritence for us,our children and our children's children.

John 14:12 speaks of the greater works we will do and this a wonderful testimony of that. But I pray that we truly understand that this was the result of time spent with God


I believe that this is the day and the hour coming where we can see the the Glory of God, that He will pass by us with His Goodness, but it will require that He Knows Us more.

This past month as we spent time with the lord during our yearly visit to Jakes House Church in Arlington and spent time with Spiritual family and my own family, the lord was so gracious in every way and He was also very clear how much He desires to know us.

I came to the conference praying that I could know God more and I am so overwhelmed to to that is what He wants as well a truly two way relationship.

So if your heart is to truly Know God it is going to cost you time as all good relationships do. Funny how we have certain people we love to spend time with and some of them we would reschedule our day just to fit them in.

I was truly blessed that as I was in Spokane and in Washington, people rearanged thier schedule to spend time with me. I believe that is one of the blessing of a true relationship and the love that is shown by those that value us and those whom we value..

I have more to say but I will save it for my next Go News Blog

Blessing Steve

18 Then Moses said, “I pray You, show me Your glory!” 19 And He said, “I Myself will make all My goodness pass before you, and will proclaim the name of the Lord before you; and I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will show compassion on whom I will show compassion.”

Exodus 33:18-19 (NASB)

29 There are some things the Lord our God has kept secret, but there are some things he has let us know. These things belong to us and our children forever so that we will do everything in these teachings.

Deuteronomy 29:29 (NCV)

Any discussion about Azusa turned to the Shekinah Glory. When I asked about her experience with the Presence of God’s Spirit, Sister Carney’s face would light up. She described it as being a part of heaven. To her, it was like breathing pure oxygen, and to her wonderment, it was always present. When I asked her to describe the flaming Shekinah Glory reported by many, she told her story. She remembered the fire department coming because of a call that the building was on fire. When they arrived, they didn’t smell any smoke or see any evidence of fire. She didn’t run out with the firemen. She recalled that it was Seymour, Bosworth, Lake, Smith, and Sines who ran out. Lake explained that the fire was coming down from heaven into the building, and fire was going up from the building and meeting the fire coming down. Fascinated, Sister Carney went out one night, walked about a half a block and saw the awesome sight for herself. To her, this divine connection of fire coming down from heaven and going up to heaven was just further evidence of God’s mighty Presence in that place. Sister Carney noted that although the Shekinah Glory cloud, the “misty stuff ,” was present all the time within the building, this divine, fiery connection wasn’t an everyday occurrence. Whenever this connection was present, the power of God was even more intense within the meeting and the miracles even more amazing.

As we talked, she would mention some of the other young people at Azusa. She was not the only young person running around being used of God to perform His miracles. She teamed up with C.W. Ward and Ralph Riggs, two young men who would later become instrumental in helping to found The Assemblies of God Church, the largest Pentecostal movement in the United States and the world. She would invite them to go with her as new people arrived and see if they could minister to them. These young men, who were around thirteen or fourteen years old, partnered with Sister Carney and went throughout the crowd, wanting to be used by God to perform miracles and help people get healed. These were teens running around having a ball, praying over people and looking for people who needed healing. Sister Carney was also very close to John G. Lake, who had received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit up in Zion, Illinois , and came to Azusa as a young man as instructed by Parham. He later became a great missionary and was used mightily in South Africa as well as in the United States. Lake stated that at Azusa Street, God told him that any disease that came in contact with him would die. While he was in South Africa during an outbreak of Bubonic plague, he insisted that some of the “live” disease be put on his hand. They took a sampling after it was in contact with him and looked at it under a microscope . “My God, it’s dying!” Within seconds, the sampling was dead. Some have credited Lake with stopping the Bubonic plague in that region.

Most of the time the Shekinah Glory was spoken of with reverence, but there was one time Brother Riggs revealed a lighter side. He told me that when Seymour would come down from his apartment, the Shekinah Glory would get so thick that you could hardly see the ground. With a sly smile, he confessed that when it was this thick, he and Ward would get in the back of the room and play hide-and-go-seek in the mist. My mind would wander back to his days at Azusa, and I could picture him running around full of life as he and the other youth were involved in this awesome outpouring of God.

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