Will You Stand In The Gap For Rwanda ?

“I looked for someone who might rebuild the wall of righteousness that guards the land. I searched for someone to stand in the gap in the wall so I wouldn’t have to destroy the land, but I found no one.

Ezekiel 22:30 (NLT)

Why Am I Praying For Rwanda ?

For those of you who follow our ministry you are aware that we are holding our first international Youth Invasion Crusade in Kigali Rwanda in July of 2016. We have a preplanning team going in March to plan and prepare for our crusade and partner with local pastors and churches to assist in their Apostolic Conference.

We have been given the opportunity for the Youth to host one evening during their conference as well. We will ministering in several different churches, Communities and ministries in Kigali along with some outreaches to Bugesera a community in the eastern province of Rwanda. We will be building a missionary guest house, ministry outreach center and working with Floodgates Worldwide Ministries to build a Medical Clinic & Boarding School.

I wanted to give you a little background on what we are doing in Rwanda just to show that we are very committed to our relationship and the ongoing ministry and discipleship of the people and the communities we are serving.

We have Sent One’s Teams, youth and leaders coming from Cape Town South Africa, Uganda and Durban to unite with the youth and leaders in Rwanda to follow hold our first Youth Invasion Crusade.

The reason I am asking you to commit to standing in the Gap and praying for us now is that as I mentioned in a previous devotional, when the Holy Spirit said “

Let’s Go Do What They Say Can’t Be Done”

When the lord ask me to Go to Rwanda, He also ask that I request that I could hold a conference that was led and driven by the youth and even more directly just youth and leaders from any nation that would come. No one famous just the no names that have a passion and a promise from God that He would use them. You see we tell them all the time God is going to do amazing things through you. You have a call on your life. I don’t know who all the speakers are as But God does, I know we that the leaders are committed to equipping, training and imparting to these young people and releasing them to Go and do from the 17th – 31st of July we will watch God use them to release a New Anointing and Re-Ignite the revival fires that are in the DNA of East Africa.

I could go on and on with all that the Lord is doing in Rwanda as it stirs every revival bone in my body and spirit but what I earnestly desire is to see that what God has shown me come to pass. I know what the power of prayer can do. These Youth will be a vessel used by God to raise a new Army that will Take New Ground and Advance the Kingdom of God in what can only be described as Supernaturally Accelerated Growth.

The Lord Told Me the Day after I got to Rwanda that Rwanda would Not Be known for the Genocide But it would be known for the Revival that will Tarry until the Lord Returns. The Revival Fire that engulfs Rwanda will release the Shekinah Glory and Nations will Come to Receive what God is Releasing In Rwanda.

Does That Sound Like Something They Say Can’t Be Done?

So when I ask if you will stand in the Gap for Rwanda? I am asking you to pray for, Rwanda the nation which is the people, every team member going and for the provision for everyone who says yes to God.. We need and Army Praying for the Army that is coming.

The last thing I going to ask is that you take a moment to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to remind you daily and often to pray for all that God is doing in Rwanda, but I also pray that as you do that you listen for the lords directions if He asked you to help.

I am not wanting to offend anyone but I believe this request comes from the Holy Spirit so if you are going to hit the like button then know that I asking the Holy Spirit to agree with your commitment.

I would also ask you to share this with your friends, if one puts thousand to flight and two ten thousand then can we unite together to Stand in the Gap For Rwanda and join the Holy Spirit as He Said Let’s that means You..

Blessing Steve

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