Properly Positioned Vessels Stay Full !

I don’t know about you but when I am reading the word a book my mind seems to ask questions of the Holy Spirit actually what I mean by that is I seem to be thinking in the form or a thought and the lord sometimes answers in different ways. I could get a thought that is in direct response to my question or line of thinking. The amazing thing is that this dialog is one of my favorite ways that the lord seems to communicate with me and yet I often going on for minutes before I realize I am once again in a conversation. The reason is because He is not telling me, He is allowing me to search it out and reason with Him. I love the way that proverbs 25:2 is often explained, God is not hiding things from us, He is hiding them For Us.

So the past few weeks God has really been speaking to me about positioning and then showing me how it can change everything in my life and ministry because it requires, a much deeper relationship with Him. Whenever the lord is showing me something it seems that no matter what I read, see or Hear can lead to the very point He is teaching. Now what I love is that I love to read and I can be reading several different things at any given time, but I am not the real dig down deep as many of my teaching gifted pastors do, that would give me a headache J So I thank God that when they find those nuggets I wait for the cliff notes.

So in my reading yesterday I had two words come to mind Invitacion Fountain, now I know the Holy Spirit brings things to remembrance and it were words I could see in my mind’s eye so for those of you who are spell checkers I did not spell it wrong. This is the Title of a song from some that we sang years ago, I was able to find it in some old song sheets and then I found it on ITunes it seems Jeremy Riddle redid it on a Vineyard come thirsty CD a few years ago. My point here is that I could have just by past it as a fleeting thought but I stopped and searched it out, and wrote it down. Today as I was reading I ran across something that lead me back to the word fountain and it was even more direct as it fit with being Positioned. The Lord was wanting to Show me how we can be Positioned to Stay Full and be able to continually Carry His Presence with power and increased anointing.

The Lord told me a few years ago after my first trip to Africa that I saw how Hungry and Thirsty the people were that He always met them every time and I did not know how to teach hungry or thirsty, I could tell someone be hungry for God or be thirsty and God will meet you. While I was praying the lord said it is easy, He said if You Carry My Presence I make people Hungry & Thirsty. To actually carry the presence of God requires my continually pursuing my relationship with God and getting to know Him more. This is how we got to the place of positioning myself to receive and be a ready vessel that He can use immediately.

Today the lord actually showed me a picture of a fountain, and it is actually on our back patio, I frequently have to fill this fountain or it will stop pouring out, now it can still have water in the bottom but if there is not enough it will not be able to draw from the little. The other part the lord reminded me is some time ago I put a hose in the bottom and the fountain will spay and overflow as it is designed but even with the water running the bottom pool will not over flow as it will continually draw and flow out the top.

What I believe the Lord was showing me is that if we are positioned under His Fountain we can flow continually without getting dry or trying to flow from an old anointing or vision.

I added a little Video of the fountain for a visual effect not a great video but I thought it was better than a picture of a fountain..

So below is some of what I read that prompted my conversation

Blessings Steve.

Someone asked a minister, if he had ever received a second blessing since he was converted. “What do you mean?” was his reply, “I have received ten thousand since the first.” A great many think because they have been filled once, they are going to be full for all time after; but O, my friends, we are leaky vessels, and have to be kept right under the fountain all the time in order to keep full.

I believe this is a mistake a great many of us are making; we are trying to do God’s work with the grace God gave us ten years ago. We say, if it is necessary, we will go on with the same grace. Now, what we want is a fresh supply, a fresh anointing and fresh power, and if we seek it, and seek it with all our hearts, we will obtain it.

Excerpt From: Defining Moments: God-Encounters with Ordinary People Who Changed the World By Bill Johnson

Proverbs 25:2 (ESV)

2 :It is the glory of God to conceal things,

but the glory of kings is to search things out.

Matthew 5:6 (NKJV)

6 : Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,

For they shall be filled.

Invitacion Fountain

All who are weak

All who are weary

Come to the Rock

Come to the Fountain

All who have sailed

On the rivers of heartache

Come to the sea

Come on be set free

If you lead me Lord I will follow

Where you lead me Lord I will go

Come and heal me Lord, I will follow

Where you lead me Lord I will go

I will go

All who are weak

All who are weary

All who are tired

All who are thirsty

All who have failed

All who are broken

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