From Coward To Courageous

Cowards are only one touch from God away from becoming courageous preachers with great power.

“What Must We Do To Be Saved ?”

That’s quite a response from the people who crucified Jesus only weeks earlier. Was it Peter’s sermon? While I don’t want to take away from the moment of profound bravery, Peter preached under an open heaven.

This atmosphere carried the sound of Heaven that changed the mindset of an entire city in moments. His message was quite brief. But it was filled with power, and it brought understanding so that the nervous mockery stopped and the real issues of the heart could be seen. In this one message, 3,000 people were saved.

This became the devil’s worst possible nightmare. And it would only continue as generations of other men and women have preached under that same open heaven.


ACTS 2: 14


Holy Spirit, thank You for empowering ordinary people— yes, even people who have made mistakes and failed— to preach Your Gospel and see supernatural transformation take place.

You are the one who takes cowards and changes them into courageous preachers of Your Word. I ask You to exchange fear and timidity in my life for Your boldness. When I am weak, You are strong!

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