The scene for our story shifts from the vineyard at night to Galilee one early morning several weeks later. Waves murmur on a stony beach and mist hangs over the surface of the lake.

Not far offshore, Peter and several other disciples are working their nets when they hear a voice calling from the beach. “Friends, do you have any fish?” The fishermen call back, “No!” It’s been a long, fishless night. The voice comes back—“ Cast the net on the right side of the boat, and you will find some!”

You know this story from John 21 well, don’t you? You know that, apparently without hesitation, the men in their battered boats pull in their nets and fling them over the other side. Soon they haul up such a net-straining catch of fish that they know beyond doubt who that man in the mist is. “It is the Lord,” John says to Peter. And you know what Peter does next. In your mind’s eye, you can see Peter look toward shore.

You can see him drop his hold on the net, plant his foot on the bow of the boat, and take that beautiful, flying leap into the waters of grace.

Every word of this book is intended to help you take that leap. When Peter jumped, he forever left behind his little dreams of success.

He left behind his doubts about God’s plans for him and his stubborn insistence that things should turn out according to his expectations.

He left behind any thought that his sins outweighed God’s forgiveness. That impulsive leap marked the moment of Peter’s breakthrough to a life of remarkable abundance.

We read about it in the book of Acts, where God used him to be the new church’s first leader, to preach to thousands, and to bring healing and the Holy Spirit. And we see it again in his earnest letters, so full of a passion he called “joy inexpressible and full of glory” (1 Peter 1: 8).

Are you standing precariously at a launching point in your life?

Do you hear a voice calling? It is the Lord.

I hope you jump.

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