Melted Under The Fire Of God ?

Are You Willing to Be Melted Under The Fire Of God ?

What does it look like to be melted together under the fire of God?

The Azusa Street story teaches us the importance of sanctification and holiness.

When we ask for the fire to come, are we ready to let go of everything that opposes His nature?

Are we willing for all the excess in our lives to be burned up and stripped away so that only what remains is pure gold?

God is truly raising up burning ones in our day. Burning ones are formed in the fire.

These refined ones become unstoppable because the hidden recesses of the heart have already been penetrated by the fire and love of God.

One of the authors of The Apostolic Faith wrote, God’s ministers are “a flame of fire.”

He wants men and women all on fire. He wants us not only saved from sin but on fire.

The Holy Ghost is dynamite and fire in your soul.

Ask for the fire of God to fall upon and fill you today like never before.

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