Revival Positioning !

As I was reading earlier this week, I discovered that in my desire and pursuit to know God more, I keep seeing the reoccurring theme of revival and relationships are the very heart of God.

We are to carry His presence as we abide in His Love, and how awesome it is that His heart is to have an even deeper and intimate relationship with us.

I know from personal experience that time spent is so valuable in the building, strengthening and maintaining relationships. Jesus spent his life and ministry teaching and preaching the kingdom all while spending time with the disciples and modeling relationships.

We are so blessed to have spiritual family in our lives and it would be impossible to imagine life without them in it. Like minded and Kingdom minded pursuing God with a passion, seems to be the same passionate pursuit the fueled the fire at Azusa.

I have attached what I was reading that really provoked me to continue to position myself for a greater and more intimate relationship with God and experience more of God's Love and Goodness.

In 1908, the leadership at Azusa said, “The Pentecostal power, when you sum it all up, is just more of God’s love.” In response to the question about what the real evidence is that a person has received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, they answered, “Divine love, which is charity.”

Love was what was needed for this baptism of the Holy Spirit experience to be sustainable. What will happen in our day when love supersedes theological debates and differences among our brothers and sisters in Christ?

There was no closing at 9 o’clock sharp, as the preachers must do today in order to keep the people. We wanted God in those days. We did not have a thousand other things we wanted before Him.

Wow, what a profound statement! What does it look like to “not have a thousand other things” we want before God?

What will happen when knowing Jesus becomes the sole purpose of our lives each day?

May we become possessed once again by the Holy Spirit and may Jesus remain the most important focus of our lives today and every day.

Shekinah Glory

Another mark of this revival is the Shekinah glory. The manifest presence of God was so thick and powerful in the meetings that people could sense His presence blocks away.

The early participants at Azusa sought to host God’s presence well within their community so much so that the glory became manifested in the physical.

What does it look like to be so full of God’s glory that our faces shine like Moses’ face when he came down from the mountain after forty days with God?

What does it look like to host, steward, and invite the glory of God to fill our lives, communities, and times together so much that people walking by get apprehended and recognize that God is present?

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