While those at Azusa sought to restore what was lost in the early church in the book of Acts, this next move of God will be marked by synergy and momentum.

Just as a tidal wave gets bigger the closer it gets to land, this next move of God builds upon the momentum of centuries past.

Rather than only pulling from the early church of Acts, we are also building on the momentum of Martin Luther and the Reformation, John Wesley and the Great Awakening, Charles Finney, the Divine Healing Movement, the Welsh Revival, Azusa Street Revival, and many more.

We are not just building on one of these revivals; we are riding on the accumulated momentum of them all. There is great synergy here that will propel us into a greater dimension of God’s glory than in times past.

As we step into what God has for us in our generation, it will also be important to position ourselves and to steward this revival well.

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