Will You Give $20.00 for Rwanda ?

With Just 48 days left until our first International Youth Invasion Crusade, I am praying that I can get some help from all of you. We are doing a Crowdrise for $18,000 Dollars to cover the all the associated cost of this crusade. I am also trusting the lord for my provision to get to Rwanda as well but that is not part of my Crowdrise Goal.

I am praying we could get at least 900 people to donate just donate $20.00 each I assure you it would be twenty dollars well spent. I also love the idea of seeing so many of you choosing to invest $20.00 into this generation of youth and being able to be apart of a vision God gave me last year. $ 20.00 dollars can cover 4 lunches for students coming to the daily workshops. Every Team Member from all the participating Nations is raising the funds to make the trip. The Youth and Churches in Rwanda are doing all they can to assist and donate facilities for our meetings and trainings.

You can donate by using our Crowdrise link or through the Sent One's Website link or even send a check if you prefer. What I pray more that anything is that You Please take the time to Pray and Give $20.00 and then like and share, this with your friends but I also believe if you give and share others that follow you will also give. Heidi Baker Says "Love Looks Like Something" I covet your prayers and I pray you would partner with us to equip this generation to advance the kingdom of God and transform the nations.

Every little bit helps and if $20.00 is to much give $5.00 that is a lunch and helps towards the bottom line. I know God will reward the sowers and all donations are tax deductible as well. Hey can you do a bake sale and Donate the proceeds and share with our Youth Invasion Crusades Teams

Thank You and Blessings Steve


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