A New Rwanda Defining Moment

With the Rwanda Youth Invasion Crusade being just a 24 days away, I have spent the past few weeks working with the most amazing group of youth leaders in Rwanda and getting updates on a daily basis. I have been overwhelmed at the passion they have pursued the vision that the lord has given for the (YIC) Youth Invasion Crusade.

We have a great expectancy to See More of God. We are positioning ourselves where He has called us to stand and He will show His Glory & His Goodness. As the Rwanda Team Prepares for our arrival, each and every team member has gone through many struggles to even make the trip to Kigali Rwanda for this Crusade. What is most amazing is that each person has in one way or another come to a realization that this is going to be one of those defining moments in each of our lives as well as all those we are ministering to.

We have such an expectation that God has drawn us to Rwanda to far more than we could ever imagine. With teams and youth from 5 nations coming together to see God use them to transform the nations in and through them is a fire and passion that God has burned in their hearts.

Everyone of us knows that what we have been working for and sowing into is going to be such a defining moment and God has promised we will never be the same. All of this is possible in each of our lives because we each said Yes to God, "Jesus said As You Go" it is in the Going we often Experience Defining Moments..

I put a little Quote from Bill Jonson that I love as it shows that we are in the exact place that many of the Generals of the faith were in.. They also Just Said Yes..

in 24 Days Everything Changes and We will never be the same. For everyone of our team and All who are coming Get Ready to See More of God's Glory and Goodness as He invades your heart and completely transforms you.

Blessings Steve

Defining Moments is about the unusual encounters that various individuals have had with God that changed absolutely everything about their life.

Their thought life changed, as did their ministry gifts and their sense of what might be possible in their lifetime.

Each person’s worldview also experienced radical transformation, as he or she was positioned to see the “big picture” through God’s eyes.

But for most of them, perhaps their biggest paradigm shift came in relation to their idea of the nature of God and their ability to feel His heart for other people.

Seeing these things more clearly always carries a summons with it. They said yes to the call of God and, as a result, became people who shaped the course of world history.

Here is the remarkable truth about each of these individuals: not one of them was unusually gifted for such a task.

Their gift was God Himself. All of our heroes of the faith were pretty normal people.

But that changed when the touch of God upon their lives transformed everything.

From: Defining Moments: God-Encounters with Ordinary People Who Changed the World :By Bill Johnson, Dr. Jennifer Miskov

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