Christ In You!

There is a story of God unfolding in the earth right now. His story is bursting with hope and the great expectation of good things.

Many believers feel hopeless about what they see in their cities and nations because they are unaware of the story of God happening around them.

But I am convinced that God’s heart is burning for cities and nations. He longs to reveal His glory and help those who do not yet know Him to encounter His goodness and grace.

To fulfill this mandate and accomplish His purposes in the earth, God has always awakened the Church and flowed through people.

You and I are called to see the broken restored and to repair and build up wasted and desolate places. If we as the Church are to walk in this commissioning, however, we must shift how we view certain things, because our perception will either propel us or limit us.

Our mindsets dictate our choices.

In other words, we must produce on the outside what we are processing on the inside. What we believe about God, therefore, and how we view His interactions in the world directly influence how we live and the impact we have. It is imperative that we allow the Lord to reveal His heart to us and allow His Word to manifest within and through us.

God uses individuals like you and me to bring healing, life and hope. He moves through those who believe they are called to reflect His goodness and see His Kingdom established around them.

He releases His Spirit through those who clearly recognize what He has assigned them to—those who walk in the revelation that Christ is in them and the hope of glory.

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