I was reading this morning I found this part of the chapter very good as I believe that all of our ministry should always be in love and flow from relationship.

I also believe that if were are truly going to be the church and equip this generation to advance the Kingdom of God and Transform the Nations, Then we need to make sure that they we Go to Market Place in our nations as that is where the harvest is.. I pray we train up our Sons and Daughters to Be the church where ever they are and be a constant reflection of the love and goodness of God. Jesus went about doing Good and they followed Him. He did not ask them if they were saved He met their need and they followed Him.. I believe that Kingdom Culture Evangelism looks more like what I am reading here.

Blessings Steve


One of the subtle shifts taking place in the Body of Christ involves the emphasis on evangelism. This is a delicate topic, and I have no intention of minimizing evangelism or shrinking from the emphasis on souls getting saved, which is carrying out the Great Commission.

It is important, though, to ask questions about our methods. The message is sacred; the method is not. Often in our attempts to lead souls to Jesus, we have forgotten that these are people we are talking about. Sometimes we talk about souls who need saving as if they are objects or numbers.

There is an underlying belief in the Body of Christ that if you are not leading someone to Christ, then you are not doing evangelism.

This has pressured many into a form of forced evangelism. Let’s not forget Jesus’ approach. He went about “doing good.”

He was adding benefit to the world and the people around Him. Scripture gives us numerous examples of how He did it. At a party, He helped the host with a shortage of wine by making more.

One time the disciples’ business was suffering as they labored all night and caught no fish, and Jesus came up and advised them to cast their nets on the other side.

This was great business advice, and they ended up reaping an abundance of fish. Jesus played with children and often referred to them as the ones who understood the Kingdom.

His ministry did not largely revolve around altar calls, but around a lifestyle of loving the world around Him. And in the process, people believed and came into the Kingdom.

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