God Is In Charge ...Not In Control

I read this a few weeks ago and I have to say it actually provoked me to stop and think about how I often think, when bad thins happen as if it was God's plan because He did not intervene.

I myself have been finding out how personal God's Goodness is over the past year and this caused me to make sure that I truly understand He is Always Good and to really understand what He gets credit for..

Blessings Steve


One of the most common phrases used in this discussion is that “God is in control.”

It is true that He is the Sovereign God. He reigns over all, and everything belongs to Him. Nothing is outside of His reach or His concern. He is all-knowing and all-powerful.

But is He in control? This is not a question of His ability or His power and authority. If He is, doesn’t that make Him responsible for Hitler? Is brain cancer His idea?

If He is in control, then we have to credit Him with disease, earthquakes, hurricanes, and all the other calamities in life.

You get the point. I think it’s more accurate to say He is in charge, but He is not in control. Every parent reading this should get this point quite easily.

While we are in charge of our homes, not everything that happens under our roof is necessarily our idea or is approved by us. This is an important distinction.

God can work any situation around for His glory. He is that good. And I’m thankful. I’ve witnessed the most horrific things happen to people, and I’ve seen them turn to this Father of grace and have watched as God has healed their hearts to a place of explainable strength.

But to credit Him as the cause of the problem because He can use it redemptively is illogical and foolish. It violates the nature of God revealed in Jesus Christ.

The fruit of such confusion within the family about the nature of our Father is a world around us that is even more confused about the nature of this God we have claimed wants to save them.


God, help me to rightly divide between what is Your will and what is not. Help me to discern the difference between what You cause and what the enemy causes.

I know You work all things together for good. But just because you work things together doesn’t mean You directly caused them. Thank You for being good, all the time.

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